All problems have solutions you just have to find them.


You can have everything you want without exhaustion.


With strategy and consistency all things are possible.

Dr. Shideh Shafie

With a fulfilling career in medicine, a successful real estate investment business, a range of philanthropic commitments, and a robust family life, Dr. Shideh Shafie is proof that you can have a life that is meaningful, joyful, and rewarding both professionally and personally.


Dr. Shafie’s mission is to help her clients to refine and restructure their lives so they can execute on their professional goals without compromising their family lives.



As an emergency room physician at a busy urban trauma center, raising twins with my ambitious husband, an attorney,  I lived in the squeeze of being a professional, a mother, and a wife. Some days life felt like I was running from one checklist to the next, all to do it again the very next day. Being a type A high achiever,  I always got all the things done, but I knew life could and should feel better. 

I grew weary of running from one task to the next, and I wanted to enjoy this amazing life I had created. I was tired of running on fumes.

I decided I wanted more, and I didn't want to wait until the kids were "older" to have it. I used my decades of operational expertise, understanding of modern stress science research, and coaching techniques to create a strategic plan for my life.

My life now has more going on than ever, it is full - full of the things I value, without the exhaustion. I help my clients do the same, build a strategic vision and plan for their lives, so they can be full and fulfilling. 


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"Shideh's intelligence, energy, motivation and kindness are admirable. Not only has she advised me regarding major career decisions, but she has helped me tap into my deeper desires and passions, allowing me to live by design. I use her tools daily and find her words of wisdom frequently echoing in my head when I need to make a decision."


"I was afraid of my life falling apart if I have kids. I knew I need to strategize before I could take on parenthood. She help me to build that strategy and be ready to take on parenthood with a plan."